Are Dental Implants Right For You?

Dental implants are 40 years old procedure where experts substitute roots of the tooth carefully into the jawbone. It integrates completely with human bone; living bone grows around the Titanium surface for fixing them firmly. These implants can be helpful to provide support to fixed bridges and crowns. They can replace one or a whole arch of missing teeth. Let us start with the introduction to Dental implants –

Introduction To Dental Implants

Implants are artificial tooth roots that fuse securely with the jawbone similarly to your natural teeth. The procedure varies from person to person, but the principle working goes in the same way –

● Dental implants begin with titanium posts that implant into the jaw’s bone below the tooth’s empty socket.

● The bone connects with the post that forms a solid foundation.

● Prosthetic teeth placement can include a single crown or a complete arch of teeth made up of material that feels, looks, and works like a natural tooth.

The procedure leaves the patient with the replacement of teeth missing, which lasts for a lifetime if appropriately placed. Additionally, implants preserve the facial structure to prevent the bone deterioration that occurs when teeth are missing.

How Does Dental Implants Work?

When you undergo dental implants, you replace the tooth’s roots with tooth posts made of metal. Those dental posts work like a screw for artificial teeth. Implants are a bit different than crowns or some bridges because they work and look like natural teeth. The procedure steps are as follows –

Evaluation Initially

Your doctor or oral surgeon will do a comprehensive examination first to determine the condition of your jawbone. This initial evaluation involves X-rays, matching your teeth’ color, and taking impressions to make your implant look natural. In this step, you will determine how many teeth need to be replaced.

Extraction Of Tooth

If you have a remaining tooth that requires replacement, your dentist at will remove it before the dental work goes. You can have it at the time of implant insertion. You will feel a little pressure and tug during tooth extraction.

Insertion Of Dental Implant And Bone Grafting

There are two types of dental implants where one is inserted in the jawbone, and the other directly goes under the gumline. After the implantation to your jawbone is done, the jaw bone will start to grow around the implant, which will then become part of your gum line. And so, the procedure varies from person to person, which can take around 3 to 9 months.

Then dentist places an abutment on the top of the implant, which connects the implant to your crown. After healing gums, your dentist at will create an artificial tooth or crown that can be removable or permanent.


You will not get this excellent or long-lasting option to restore your teeth rather than dental implants at You will love your teeth because it gives the same feel and working like natural ones.