Factors to Consider When Choosing an SMS Service Company

A text messaging service for business is a supportive aspect of any powerful digital marketing technique. Today, lots of businesses depend on text messaging to reach out and connect with their target audience. Businesses and organizations of all kinds and sizes have adopted text messaging to initiate more valid, customized, and effective communications.

However, with a plethora of text message marketing services to pick from, it can be overwhelming to determine the appropriate one for your business or organization.

Many businesses consider price as the critical determinant and often overlook other aspects of an SMS Marketing service provider. Although price is an important consideration, it’s worth noting that businesses should consider other crucial factors when choosing a text messaging service.

Here are key factors every business should take into account when choosing an SMS Marketing service.


The primary objective of every business leveraging text messaging is to deliver SMS to the intended audience successfully. However, this would be undoubtedly impractical with an unreliable SMS provider. Therefore, choosing a dependable SMS supplier should be a priority for any business seeking to leverage text messaging. Search for a mainstream SMS company that offers a dependable and secure platform that can consistently provide an exceptional level of uptime. This means that the service is available for use at any given time without fail. At Textedly, we guarantee clients 99.9 percent uptime, meaning you can send messages whenever you wish, may it be day or night.

SMS Delivery

Similar to other forms of communication, SMS delivery with the slightest delays and hindrances is vital. As far as message delivery is concerned, not all SMS service providers are fast. In fact, some are too slow to be relied upon, rendering them ineffective for businesses looking to send and deliver bulk SMS instantly. When searching for an SMS company, opt for one that has direct ties with established carriers. Textedly partnership with top-tier carriers at local and global levels ensures that nearly all messages sent by our clients are successfully delivered. Lack of proper relationships with quality carriers can lead to massive failure in SMS delivery, defeating the purpose of text messaging. Even if the charges are lower, this could prove expensive in the long run.


Creating and sending SMS in bulk is a fast and straightforward process with Textedly. Textedly gives potential customers a 14-day free trial to familiarize themselves with the platform before they can invest in it. By choosing textedly.com, you will save time and resources since our platform is user-friendly and allows instant sending of messages in bulk.


Regardless of the number of messages you are sending a month, it is essential to pick a scalable SMS service that can provide room for the future needs of your business. At Textedly, we offer SMS services to all businesses regardless of their size. Our platform is scalable enough to accommodate the dynamic needs of your business, so by choosing us, you continue enjoying the power of SMS without switching from one provider to another.

By taking into account, the discussed above factors, you will undoubtedly find an SMS service company that is appropriate for the marketing needs of your business.