Three Indicators That You Need a Urologist Right Now

Urologists are physicians that specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases of the urinary tract – more specifically, problems related to the kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra as well as those connected to the human’s reproductive system. These issues can occur to anyone, even children, albeit these cases are a bit rarer. However, there are a couple of clear-cut signs that you should pay a visit to a urologist as soon as possible, such as:

Intense, Consistent Urges to Urinate

Polyuria is a condition that’s characterized by urinating over 3 liters of liquid per day. There is a number of different causes for urine overproduction, ranging from less severe to life-threatening ones. For some people, the urges are a lot stronger at night which could be a symptom of diabetes. Frequent urination can also be caused by specific lifestyles which include overconsumption of liquids, especially caffeine or alcohol. However, polyuria could be an indicator of bladder cancer, kidney stones, tumor, inflammation, etc. It’s impossible to identify the exact cause without a professional. If you’re located in Phoenix, you can find a wide range of services provided by professional urologists.

Frequent (Chronic) UTIs

Most of the common UTIs can be safely and effectively treated with antibiotics. The symptoms usually last for no longer than a week, but a problem arises if they start recurring. It’s important to address the issue as soon as possible since UTIs can progress from the bladder to the kidneys and leave long-term damage, in some cases even causing sepsis. This is particularly dangerous if you already have an underlying kidney issue. If you’re experiencing this, a urologist will perform further evaluation in order to accurately determine the cause and provide you with the necessary treatment.

Pelvic (Lower Stomach, Back) Pain

Although pelvic pain could be connected to a cause that a urologist can’t help you with, it’s much better to rule out that possibility before doing further tests. It’s not uncommon for pelvic pain to be connected to kidney stones, UTIs, and in more serious cases – bladder or kidney cancer. It’s usually accompanied by other problems such as blood in the urine, difficulty urinating, nausea, and even vomiting. If you’re going through those issues, you should visit a professional right away.

With almost six decades of experience, Central Arizona Urologists have diagnosed and successfully treated thousands of different issues. All you have to do is visit, book an appointment through the contact form and wait until you’re contacted by a certified professional. You’ll be able to receive top-of-the-notch treatment for every type of condition – from kidney stones and hematuria to bladder cancer,