When You Might Need a Tax Attorney

When it comes to filing taxes and dealing with the IRS, we can do a lot of things without the support of a professional tax attorney. There is no need for a professional in regular cases because there are fewer complications. There are some cases where you must hire a tax attorney. Some of these conditions are given here.

In the case of tax audit

Sometimes, you get a notification from IRS that they want to do a tax audit. It can be a nightmare if you have any doubts about your tax filing procedure. You are going to need professionals who can correct everything so you can avoid any fines from the IRS. A professional tax attorney can do the job with ease because of specialized knowledge and experience in filing taxes and handling the IRS audits.

In court case

Dealing with the IRS can be challenging for you. You cannot deal with everything regarding taxation outside the courtroom. In some cases, it is inevitable to go to court to solve your issues. When you are trying to win against the IRS, it will be a difficult task. The lawyers from the government agency will try their best to squeeze you and get the maximum out of you. You can avoid it by using this service of a tax attorney. The attorney must have enough experience in handling court cases. Hillhurst tax group is a reputable company that specializes in dealing with all types of cases related to the IRS. You can depend on them because they have vast experience in dealing with tax-related court cases.

In commercial dealings

When you want to start a business or buying an existing business, you may see a lot of complications in tax filing. The commercial cases are different than the regular tax filings. You should get this service from a professional company like hillhursttaxgroup.com to deal with the commercial tax filing. In case you are selling your business, the agency can also help you. They will let you know when it is inevitable to pay the taxes and the ways you can save a lot legally.

In assets transfer

If you are concerned that the government may take a large chunk of your assets before you transfer them to your children, your worries are genuine. The government may take 40% of your assets before they are transferred to your children in inheritance. You can avoid this heavy taxation in some ways. In some cases, it will not apply to you. A professional tax attorney can help you decide if you fall under the category where you do not have to give a huge percentage to the government.